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Testimonials at SP

Raymond Domingos

“At StarX, I'm immersed in cutting-edge data engineering and data science technologies, which makes every day both challenging and rewarding. The tools and methodologies we use, from advanced data pipelines to sophisticated machine learning models, position us at the forefront of our industry. Each project offers a unique opportunity to innovate and learn. This dynamic environment ensures that no two days are the same, and I truly value the blend of technical depth and creative problem-solving my role at StarX offers”

Ran Rabinowitch

“I find working at Steel Perlot inspiring. What I appreciate most is the far-reaching vision of our executives, the innovative mindset of our business leaders, and the unwavering dedication of our operations teams. Our business leaders are not content with following industry trends; they have a remarkable ability to set new ones. This culture of innovation sets us apart. Furthermore, the commitment, ownership, and bias for action displayed by our operations team are nothing short of impressive. They tackle challenges head-on and drive the company towards success.”

SP Value Proposition

Steel Perlot is driving innovation in select industries, specifically Applied AI/FinTech/Social Media. We partner with leaders, allowing them to focus time on their technology and product while providing world class G&A support (Talent/HR, Finance & Legal) as well as advisory services from Engineering & Product minds.We look to build and grow the defining platform technologies of our timeLink to Technologies, Foundation, Investments


How do I apply?
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  • Follow the link to our careers page!Where are the offices located?
  • We currently are based out of NYC, LA and the SF Bay Area. You can find more information about our office location in our contact page.
What is the culture?
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Steel Perlot is a technology driven organization. We work with integrity, think big, embrace each other’s differences to get work done. We set a high bar and we own it. Build our products and our company like it’s ours, because it is. We hold ourselves and others accountable at all times.

Do you hire outside the US?
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We are focused on expanding our USpresence in NYC, LA and the Bay Area. Please reach out to our recruiting team for further details.

What are the benefits/perks/vacation plan?
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  • We offer several options for Health insurance including medical, dental and vision. 
  • We provide a comprehensive 401K plan along with a PTO policy.
What does the virtual interviewing experience look like?
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We utilize Zoom as our virtual interviewing platform so that you can meet with your interviewers face to face. You’ll receive one Zoom link per interview. Your recruiter will keep in touch throughout the process to ensure you are comfortable during your interview. If you have any technical difficulties or require special accommodation please reach out to our recruiting team

Does Steel Perlot offer interviews onsite?
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Yes! For certain roles and office hubs, we’re excited to offer candidates the opportunity to interview onsite to see what Steel Perlot life is truly like. This part of the interview process would occur during the face-to-face portion of the interview. Your recruiter will help set up all the logistics.

Can I apply to multiple positions? What if I don't know which position is the best fit for me?
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You are more than welcome to apply to multiple positions at once. Our recruiting team works collaboratively. If we think you’d be a better fit for another position, we will forward your information to the appropriate recruiter.

When will I hear about next steps?
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Your recruiter will be in touch shortly after your interview to inform you of next steps and expected timelines. If you have any questions surrounding next steps, please reach out to your recruiter. Please also be sure to communicate any deadlines you may have on your end.

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