Steel Perlot builds and backs the defining platform technologies of our time.
Michelle Ritter
CEO / Founder

Michelle Ritter

Michelle Ritter is the founder and CEO of Steel Perlot, which builds and invests in scalable, analytics-driven platform businesses across industries, underlying technologies, and timelines.

Chaired by Eric Schmidt, Steel Perlot identifies where the raw materials of talent and ingenuity can yield scale and ubiquity, in the realms of applied AI, next-gen chips, renewables, and global finance, among others. Since its founding in 2021, the firm has grown to 140 employees globally, more than eighty percent of whom are technical talent.

Its initial product lines and startups involve technologies servicing global payment rails, wholesale regulated fiat banking, and new asset classes and structured financial products. Steel Perlot's investment arm has heavily focused on AI-driven quant trading and AI- and analytics-optimized investing that can serve large-scale institutional investors.

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