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Panagiotis (Panos) Achlioptas
2023 AI Social Media
Panos is the Head of Generative AI social media applied research at Steel Perlot, where he drives the company's visionary approach to AI-driven social networks. Prior to joining Steel Perlot, Panos served as a Research Scientist for the Creative Vision team at Snap Research. He gained valuable experience there, leveraging his expertise in AI and Machine Learning, which he honed during his Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford University. At Stanford, Panos focused on pushing the boundaries of AI agents, specifically in capturing human-like qualities related to visual, linguistic, and emotional data. His groundbreaking work in designing multi-modal deep learning models has garnered thousands of citations and earned him recognition, including a prestigious Sony Graduate Fellowship. Panos has also been honored with several Oral Research Presentations and Travel Awards from renowned conferences worldwide, emphasizing his commitment to advancing the field of AI. Passionate about the intersection of AI and human experience, Panos strives to develop AI agents that possess a deeper understanding of human traits and behaviors. By pushing the limits of AI's capabilities, he envisions a future where AI-driven social networks are more intuitive, empathetic, and beneficial to society. For more information about Panos and his groundbreaking research, please visit his