Who We Are


Steel Perlot builds and backs the defining platform technologies of our time.

Change at Scale

We want to identify, invest in, and invent multi-generation platforms that can grow to billions of users and transform whole arenas of economic life.

We aim to change systems, and we work in areas in which the raw material of talent and technology can yield breakthroughs and ubiquity. Sometimes we invest, often we build; if we build, we only back projects we believe will achieve global scale.

Redefining Innovation

Analytics Driven

This work requires discernment, stamina, and vision. We are analytics-driven, and we begin our analysis from a future end-state and work backwards to explore commercial opportunities.

We determine where systems, technology, and science will be several decades from now, and then we create the commercial ecosystem to lead that change.

Talent First

We make a few, high-conviction bets, and in doing so, we’re defined as much by what we avoid as what we pursue. We are not searching for quick-wins, and we’re allergic to short-termism. To propel that orientation, we align incentives for both talent and investors to yield returns over the long haul. We are as selective about our partners as we are about the fields we focus on.

Our focus on systems and platform creation is largely sector and tech agnostic—we might sense a pathbreaking opportunity just as clearly in space exploration as in synthetic biology.

The common features are promising underlying technology, a multi-decade time horizon, unfulfilled potential, and the ability to reach planet-level scale. Those are the hallmarks of history’s great platform firms, and those are the opportunities we seek.

Systems Platforms