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Rustin Domingos
Data Science Lead, StarX
Rustin Domingos, our Data Science Lead at StarX, brings a wealth of experience in predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Rustin started his academic journey at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, where he double-majored in Physics and Applied Mathematics. His passion for the sciences led him to join the Physics PhD Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As part of the Condensed Matter Theory Group, Rustin received the distinguished Dean of Science's Fellowship. In 2019, demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit, Rustin took a hiatus from his academic pursuits to establish his own venture. He capitalized on his knowledge of AI and ML to develop sophisticated algorithms predicting the outcomes of major league games in MLB, NHL, and NBA. His innovative work did not go unnoticed, leading to his algorithms being acquired by a sports betting company, where he served as their Chief Data Scientist. Now at StarX, Rustin's expertise in data science and machine learning powers our data-driven approach, enhancing our capabilities to deliver cutting-edge solutions. With a unique combination of technical acumen, entrepreneurial drive, and leadership, Rustin is pivotal to StarX's mission of leveraging data to revolutionize our industry.